Brand: C-WO10
Structure Formula: (C2H5)2NCSSNa·3H2O
M.W.: 225.3
Grade: Industrial
Description: White crystal, slight smell of fish, m.p.87, readily solubel in water and showing alkalinity, deliquescent in the air and gradually decomposed, and decomposed into CS2 and (CH3CH2)2NH etc. with acids.
Specification: The conten of trihydrous sodium diethyl dithiocarbamate is not less than 94%.
Uses: Ethyl thiocarbamate is a rather ideal collector with better selectivity for flotation of Cu、Pb、Sb and other sulfides ore and its dosage be less than xanthates and dithiophosphates. Showing the better flotation results than xanthate and dithiophosphates for palymetallic sulfides.
Packing: In plastic drums with plasitc lining 4okg net weight.
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