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Brand: C°™WO13
Structure formula:£®CH3£©2CHOCSNHC2H5
M. W. : 147
Grade: Industrial
Description: The industrial Ethy; isopropyl thiocarbamate(z-200) is light yellow liquid, insoluble in water, but very solabel in organic solvents, so when employed as collector in flotation, it can be mixed with frothers in any proportion to aid feeding to the flotation cells or direct  adding to stirring druns and flotation cells. Due to its impuity content, It has the characteristic smell of sulphur compounds, it has purity 86-90%.
Uses: An excellent collector for sulfide minerals especial for the flotation of various polymetall sulfides of copper, zine, etc.
Packing: In iron or plastic drums, 180kg net weight.
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