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Description: Brown or black brown transparent oily liquid with pungent odor, soluble in ether, ethyl alcohol and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in water, density D20¡æ=0.900~0.965, intlammable.
Specirfacotion: The fraction of distillt in range 166~220¡æ is not less than.50%.
Uses: It is an excellent new type of frother, and used in flotation of nonferrous metallic and nonmetallic minerals. Its dosage and frothing performance close to pine oil, froth is stalbe in flotation process. It may be used instead of pine oil.
Packing: In iron drums, 170 kgs net weight.
Storage & transport: To be protected from fire; To be protected from torrid sunlight; To be protected from water.
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