Brand: FWO1
       Chemical composition: In terpineol oil, the surfaceactive compounds are various monohydric alcohols and other derivatives of terpene, with terpineol the major.
       Description: Yellowish transparent oily liquid. Density20棩0.9g/ml. Sparingly soluble in water. Principal uses: The terpineol oil is widely used in flotation processes, particularly in the flotation of all sulfide minerals, such as lead, copper, zine and iron sulfied, and non-sulfide minerals. It exhibits some collecting properties, for readily flotable minerals such as talc, graphite, sulpher, molybdenite and coal etc.
       The froth produced by terpineol oil is more persistent than that produced by other frothers. The quality of the terpineol produced by our company is stable and the property is excellent.

Monohydric alcohols content, %

Grade high


Grade 1


Grade 2


Packing: In iron drums of 170kgs net each.
Storage transport: To be protected from water;To be protected from torrid sunlight;To be protected from fire.

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